July 3, 2018


Control Panels

We make control panels.

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Network & Servers

Coming soon!

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Surveillance & Cameras

We provide the latest and greatest in performance and value from high end facial recognition cameras (4K/9MP & Beyond) to standard perimeter/interior surveillance (1080p/2MP).  We can provide a total surveillance solution from Video walls, Camera Server, Remote Cameras with dedicated line or long distance Wi-Fi, PoE Network Switches, License Plate Recognition Software, Installation & Maintenance, just to name a few.  If you have a need for a single camera or a whole campus of cameras let us know and we will be happy to help!

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The Mission……..

Archimedes Systems Incorporated is a Systems Integrator. We decipher our clients needs and provide the path to a solution. There are multiple options to achieve the goals.

Once all the parts to the puzzle are in place, ASI sets the plan and progression to integrate the necessary pieces. As a sampling, these may be PLC’s, oxygen or chlorine sensor calibrations, video surveillance cameras, servers, computer products, remote monitoring stations, wiring and panel making,to name a few.

Next Steps…

ASI would like to know what your needs are and how we may work together on refining or modifying your existing industry. Systems Integration on that new project or phase may require a proven expertise. ASI has the perfect solution!